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DocFox is now nCino here is what to expect

Simplified Individual & Juristic Entity Onboarding

DocFox makes the collection of client information and documents a breeze. We will save you hours by automatically analysing your clients documents to ensure that they are valid and correct.

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The Next Generation of Client Onboarding is Here​

Go completely digital with DocFox’s single flow onboarding solution:

  • Fully configurable according to your processes
  • Simple and seamless experience for your clients
  • Less time spent on admin
  • Secure and fully POPIA compliant

Guided Workflows and Simple Self-onboarding

Create a better client experience with DocFox. Simply invite your client to self-onboard from a custom branded email invitation. Using a combination of smart forms and step-by-step guidance, your client easily completes their own profile information and uploads all required documents on a secure portal.  

DocFox extracts key information from the documents collected, and compares it against 3rd party data from home affairs, credit bureaus, and CIPC. You are immediately notified of any mismatches that need your attention.

DocFox is fully mobile enabled, so your client can get everything done easily and seamlessly.

Secure & POPIA Compliant Onboarding

Sensitive personal information is captured directly into the DocFox portal, putting your clients privacy first and foremost. 

Our mobile responsive portal makes onboarding on any device a beautifully simple process. 

Enable your client to onboard at their own pace – if your client exits the onboarding process at any point, everything is saved automatically, and they can return at any stage to complete the process without losing any previously captured information.

Easy to Understand Forms - no Fillable PDFs Required

Whether it’s printed or on your computer, no one wants to be filling in complex PDFs with confusing “complete only if” sections.

Using DocFox Forms elegantly solves the problem of capturing complex information in a simple fashion.

For added ease, Forms can be pre-filled prior to inviting your client, saving them time, and creating a great digital onboarding experience.

Seamless Transition from Application to Review

Since your clients are now able to create a profile and upload their documents as well as fill in Forms all you have to do is sit back and wait until the application is complete and ready for review.

DocFox automatically rejects documents if they are not in full view, unclear, out of date, or appears to be tampered with. The system automatically sends a notification back to your client to upload another copy, saving you time on going back and forth.

Already have a CRM system that contains your clients information?

No problem, eliminate duplicate work by using DocFox API to integrate into your current system.

What our partners say

What our partners say

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