Risk Rating & Automated Client Review

DocFox’s Risk Rating and Automated Client Review solution is a fully-configurable, powerful tool which allows you to define, create and implement a risk rating solution that is unique to your business.

DocFox’s Risk Rating and Automated Client Review solution ensures:

Consistent Risk Rating

Ensure that all clients are risk-rated according to the same rules.

DocFox standardises the process across your business and makes your risk rating methodology auditable.

Enhanced Due Diligence

DocFox’s Risk Rating will enable you to put your Risk Management Compliance Programme (RMCP) into practice.

Answers to risk rating questions (based on your business’ RMCP) will enable DocFox to calculate the risk score of each client.

Our system will prompt you to collect enhanced due diligence documents, such as a source of funds, based on the outcome of their risk rating.

Automated Review Reminders

In order to ensure that your business keeps up to date with the associated risk of your clients. DocFox allows you to set up specific review notifications for low, medium, or high risk clients.

Once set up, DocFox will send you a date-triggered reminder so you never miss a review date.

How Does DocFox Work?

DocFox simplifies FICA compliance and ensures you are audit ready at the touch of a button. We provide Accountable Institutions with the software and the expertise to be compliant, always.

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