Our comprehensive watchlist screening solution provides global coverage for identifying DPIPs (Domestic Prominent Influential Persons), FPPOs (Foreign Prominent Public Officials), sanctioned individuals and organisations, in real-time. We screen against the following:

Global Sanctions Lists

Sanctions lists are compiled by governments and international bodies to prevent trade with those who are suspected of performing illegal activities. Local and global sanctions lists including OFAC, UN, HMT, FSCA, National Treasury and SAPS.

Prominent or Public Persons

These lists are compiled from volumes of research and are updated daily. Transacting with someone on this list will require you to perform enhanced due diligence, based on your RMCP risk-based approach.

Relevant and Adverse media

If your client is making headlines or being mentioned in news articles this is something you will want to know as it may affect whether you choose to transact with them. DocFox Adverse Media is a comprehensive collection of mentions and articles of your client in the news.

On-going detection of bad actors.

Screening your clients against watchlist sanctions, DPIP and FPPO lists as well as adverse media is a critical element in determining a client’s risk profile and is a requirement imposed by FICA.

Comprehensive coverage

Our watchlist is based on exhaustive research from thousands of sources in multiple languages with millions of records covering all publicly available sanctions lists. We also cover profiles of DPIPs and FPPOs as well as their relatives and linked associates.

Fuzzy name matching

Our algorithms skilfully handle variations in names and spelling ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. All thresholds and matching distances can be set by you so that you’re in line with your risk-based approach.

Continuous monitoring

DocFox monitors your client list daily ensuring the results we pass onto you are relevant and up-to-date. Continuous monitoring ensures you are screening against the most recent records and if there are changes you are notified immediately.

Relevant and adverse media

DocFox collects the most relevant adverse media articles and provides you with a link to the source to investigate. The search can be refreshed at any time to get the most up-to-date media. DocFox logs the date and time you visited the article.

We created a handy guide that summarises the FIC Amendment Act and it’s impact on Accountable Institutions.

Click here to receive your FICA Handbook.

What our customers are saying

DocFox is making our FICA process more efficient. FICA documents are being checked against third parties, clients are being screened on all relevant sanctions lists and risk assessments are being done according to our requirements – all in one step! It’s a great tool to assist in aligning our Risk Management Compliance Programme with our business processes.

Carlos Martins, Change Financial Solutions

Incompass has been using DocFox since November 2017. We started looking at different providers as soon as the FICA Amendment Act came into place. Docfox was the best solution for us: The process is easy to handle from our side, involves a “4 eye” principle, which we already had in place and find necessary, and the process can be audited at any time.

Fiona Roehlandt, Incompass

The software also features a comprehensive screening solution, which was something we also needed as in our last review it was noted that we didn’t have ongoing sanction screening. So I was happy to tell them we now have DocFox.

Richard Vine-Morris, Pinnacle Wealth Management

It’s so nice to be able to sleep at night knowing that when everything is on DocFox and everything is approved – there’s that constant monitoring and adverse media checks that if something were to come up, we would be the first to know.

Rui Lopes, Lopes Attorneys Inc.