Product Features

With DocFox, fulfilling your FICA regulatory obligation is simple. We automate your KYC process so your compliance team can make better informed decisions in a fraction of the time, all in one beautiful online portal.

Everything you need to remotely onboard and FICA your clients

Document Collection & Analysis

We can analyse anything, on any document, from anywhere.

Watchlist & Adverse Media Screening

Continuous daily monitoring of your clients against global and local databases.

Risk Rating & Automated Client Review

DocFox identifies high risk clients based on your unique risk-based approach.

Bank Account Verification

Instantly verify bank accounts against an ID or company registration number.

DocFox is a holistic solution for FICA that enables you to stay compliant and always be ready for audit. We are constantly improving and adding features to keep up with legislative changes and the needs of our customers. We guarantee we will be the best KYC partner you will ever have.

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