According to FICA legislation, Property Managers and Agents are required to perform Anti Money Laundering and KYC checks – this includes all their clients: landlords, tenants, their sellers and their buyers. With DocFox you no longer need to waste valuable hours checking and chasing documents. Let us do the hard work for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Centrally collate, safely store, and efficiently manage your FICA processes & documentation

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We believe that getting to Know Your Client doesn’t need to be seen as inconvenient and costly. Thrill your clients with a high-tech, paperless on-boarding experience, and a standardised risk-rating approach according to your rules. Perform daily screening against AML watchlists and sanctions, to ensure that your clients don’t become high risk overnight, and be ready for audit at the touch of a button.

Everything you need to be compliant is right here.

Not sure where to start or need to become compliant fast? We have the perfect solution for you. Our compliance experts have created FICA in a Box, an end-to-end FICA compliance solution for Property Managers.

DocFox FICA in a box

What our customers are saying

DocFox is making our FICA process more efficient. FICA documents are being checked against third parties, clients are being screened on all relevant sanctions lists and risk assessments are being done according to our requirements – all in one step! It’s a great tool to assist in aligning our Risk Management Compliance Programme with our business processes.

Carlos Martins, Change Financial Solutions

Incompass has been using DocFox since November 2017. We started looking at different providers as soon as the FICA Amendment Act came into place. Docfox was the best solution for us: The process is easy to handle from our side, involves a “4 eye” principle, which we already had in place and find necessary, and the process can be audited at any time.

Fiona Roehlandt, Incompass

The software also features a comprehensive screening solution, which was something we also needed as in our last review it was noted that we didn’t have ongoing sanction screening. So I was happy to tell them we now have DocFox.

Richard Vine-Morris, Pinnacle Wealth Management

It’s so nice to be able to sleep at night knowing that when everything is on DocFox and everything is approved – there’s that constant monitoring and adverse media checks that if something were to come up, we would be the first to know.

Rui Lopes, Lopes Attorneys Inc.