Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance doesn’t need to be seen as inconvenient and time consuming and can actually be used as a tool to impress customers when you collect their KYC documents. Using DocFox will enable you to onboard new customers quickly, while still meeting all your FICA compliance requirements.

Reduce your risk of working with bad actors

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DocFox automates the KYC process steps and eliminates staff having to manually check identities which can often lead to data entry errors. To add to this we screen your customers daily against Domestic Prominent Influential Person (DPIP), Foreign prominent public officials (FPPO), sanctions and criminal lists to identify if they have been associated with financial crimes such as money laundering – ultimately preventing bad actors from misusing your forex service.

Everything you need to be compliant is right here

Not sure where to start or need to become compliant fast? We have the perfect solution for you. Our compliance experts have created FICA in a Box, an end-to-end FICA compliance solution for Forex Traders.

DocFox FICA in a box
Risk Rating

Standardise your risk-based FICA approach

Document Collection & Analysis

Perform verification and onboarding quickly & accurately

Bank Account Verification

Instantly verify clients bank account details online

Watchlist Screening

Reduce your admin burden & your overall FICA risk

What our customers are saying

Incompass has been using DocFox since November 2017. We started looking at different providers as soon as the FICA Amendment Act came into place. Docfox was the best solution for us: The process is easy to handle from our side, involves a “4 eye” principle, which we already had in place and find necessary, and the process can be audited at any time.

Fiona Roehlandt, Incompass