Credit and Lending

Whether it’s to verify a clients bank details or speed up document collection, DocFox serves to simplify and ease the burden of FICA compliance for credit and loan providers

Credit providers are bound by the rules and regulations set out by the FIC Amendment ACT to prevent money laundering. DocFox aims to simplify your compliance obligations by providing a risk-based approach that enables your business to form a reasonable belief that it knows the true identity of its clients.

Impress any type of client with seamless online document collection

We don’t dictate how you manage your risk, you do, and so we configure our software according to your risk-based rules and existing processes. DocFox is equipped to handle the mapping of complex structures for any client type, and so getting to Know Your Clients doesn’t need to be seen as inconvenient and time consuming. DocFox digitally collects and automatically checks and extracts information from any document type including non-standard forms such as trust deeds or lease agreements.

Everything you need to be compliant is right here

Not sure where to start or need to become compliant fast? We have the perfect solution for you. Our compliance experts have created FICA in a box, an end-to-end FICA compliance solution for Accountable Institutions.

Risk Rating as per the FICA Amendment Act

Remote digital onboarding and collection of documents

Verify bank account details in real time

Daily AML screening against global watchlists and sanctions

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