Whether you are an asset manager, wealth manager, financial advisor or fund, Know Your Client (KYC) requirements are only becoming more stringent due to the rise of money laundering and the sophistication with which it is being conducted. With DocFox you can on-board individuals or the most complex of juristic entities seamlessly.

Integrate DocFox into your existing processes

FICA wealth management

We know that just the right amount of flexibility is extremely important when implementing a new tool. DocFox is equipped to handle any unique client type (e.g. public entity, trust, offshore structure, corporation, individual, partnerships, and more) and allows you to implement your own rules for these various entity types. For example investment services to high net worth clients may carry an added money laundering risk so you may want to do enhanced due diligence on these types of client.

Trust us to automate your FICA processes, while you spend more time coordinating all the services needed to manage your clients’ money and plan for their current and future needs.

Everything you need to be compliant is right here

Not sure where to start or need to become compliant fast? We have the perfect solution for you. Our compliance experts have created FICA in-a-Box, an end-to-end FICA compliance solution for Asset and Wealth Managers.

FICA in a box
DocFox-Document Collection & Analysis

Impress your clients with seamless online document collection

DocFox Watchlist Screening

Reduce your FICA risk by easily identifying bad actors

DocFox Risk Rating

Set up your own risk assessments and be audit ready – always


Simplify the onboarding of complex multi-layered entities

What our customers are saying

We had told DocFox about our processes and what I really liked was that they were able to look at and understand these processes and then provide suggestions and solutions to our current workflow. It only took us two to three training sessions to get up and running and in the implementation stages, if we had any issues, DocFox was able to make changes to the system to accommodate our needs.

Richard Vine-Morris, Pinnacle Wealth Management

DocFox allows us to apply a consistent approach to our investor AML risk assessments and with the built in reminders, we won’t forget to refresh our ratings and Customer Identification and Verification information. Everything is in one place, with a full audit trail, which enables us to easily demonstrate compliance.

Garth Foster, Prescient

Our experience around DocFox so far has exceeded expectations. The product is very easy to use, intuitive and comprehensive. The administrative burden has been reduced significantly on our business which has allowed us to focus on our core competencies more. This is hugely important for a small business and cannot be understated. It has made adherence to the stricter compliance and FICA regimes we find financial services businesses have to operate in today far more achievable without having to distract ourselves unnecessarily.

James Twidale, Portfolio Manager at Stonewood Asset Management

The technology solution offered by DocFox around the KYC Application for Personal Trust will in the long run save the business and clients time, in addition it also helps to ensure the data and document quality is maintained.

Balazs Kiss, Head of IT at Personal Trust

DocFox has revolutionised our client on-boarding process and compliance systems. We can now relax in the knowledge that potential clients are being screened according to our risk framework and that we are no longer heavily exposed to human error in the accepting of new clients. DocFox is truly user-friendly and provides almost instantaneous results that allows us to on-board clients in minutes. We could not be happier with the system and are excited for future upgrades.

Leonie Geldenhuys, HGG