Asset and Wealth Managers

As a financial institution that deals with a lot of complexity, truly knowing your client can be an intensive task. DocFox was built to simplify and automate this process for businesses just like yours.

Whether you are an asset manager, wealth manager, financial advisor or fund, Know Your Client (KYC) requirements are only becoming more stringent due to the rise of money laundering and the sophistication with which it is being conducted. With DocFox you can on-board individuals or the most complex of juristic entities seamlessly.

Integrate DocFox into your existing processes

We know that just the right amount of flexibility is extremely important when implementing a new tool. DocFox is equipped to handle any unique client type (e.g. public entity, trust, offshore structure, corporation, individual, partnerships, and more) and allows you to implement your own rules for these various entity types. For example investment services to high net worth clients may carry an added money laundering risk so you may want to do enhanced due diligence on these types of client.

Trust us to automate your FICA processes, while you spend more time coordinating all the services needed to manage your clients’ money and plan for their current and future needs.

Everything you need to be compliant is right here

Not sure where to start or need to become compliant fast? We have the perfect solution for you. Our compliance experts have created FICA in-a-Box, an end-to-end FICA compliance solution for Asset and Wealth Managers.

Risk Rating as per the FICA Amendment Act

Remote digital onboarding and collection of documents

Verify bank account details in real time

Daily AML screening against global watchlists and sanctions

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