When it comes to property sales or rentals the slightest delay can be costly and so spending a huge amount of time on FICA compliance is not feasible. That is why we created FICA in-a-Box for Real Estate & Property Managers, an end-to-end solution that ensures FULL FICA compliance.

Included in FICA in-a-Box for Real Estate & Property Managers:​

FICA Law Firms

Included in FICA in-a-Box for Real Estate & Property Managers:​

FICA Law Firms

An expertly crafted RMCP

  • An expertly crafted and tested RMCP* template – created specifically for the property industry – addresses key FICA requirements with a supporting step-by-step guide to implement it in your business.
  • The RMCP includes – industry standard due diligence requirements and guidelines, and makes special reference to DocFox as your 3rd party KYC service provider.
  • A detailed guide – highlighting each FICA section and how it is addressed in your RMCP so that you can easily respond to any FIC inspection.


*RMCP – Risk Management Compliance Programme

Certified training and NewsWatch

  • Certified CPD training – In order to be fully FICA compliant, all your employees should have an understanding and be aware of the Act. Based on this, our FICA in-a-Box offering includes unlimited access to our FICA / AML related trainings.
  • DocFox NewsWatch – Get hints, tips, guidance, and intelligent comment around a variety of topics and current news developments. Stay on top of regulatory changes with guidance around potential impact.



Compliance on Call

  • FICA compliance experts on chat – Whether you need advice on how to deal with a high risk client or how to interpret a clause in the FIC Act – we are ready to help! Get access to our compliance team via the chat function inside the DocFox app. We will respond via chat, email, or phone (yes we still like phones). You can ask unlimited questions via chat, all inclusive, subject to our fair use policy.
  • Access to additional project services for more complex tasks –Preparation for a FIC inspection, Response to a FIC report, Guidance on how to submit Suspicious Activity or Transaction Reports (SAR’s/STR’s), Enhanced due diligence on a client, Guidance on finding the UBO, Additional FICA training courses and we can also help with other bespoke projects, as required. These projects will be quoted on before commencement.

White labelled software setup in 48 Hours

  • Document collection & analysis – centrally collate, store and efficiently manage all your documents and FICA processes.
  • Watchlist & adverse media screening – reduce the burden on staff with our automatic and continuous daily monitoring of your clients against global and local databases.
  • Risk rating & client review – ensure consistent risk rating by using DocFox to implement and standardise your processes.
  • Bank account verification – Instantly verify bank accounts against an ID or company registration number.

Want to become fully FICA compliant and pass your FIC inspection? Get in touch below:

What our customers are saying

You get a certificate at the end of the training and we put it into our compliance file as evidence of training by an independent 3rd party.

Rui Lopes, Lopes Attorneys Inc

DocFox enables us to work remotely. It is helpful being able to log in from anywhere!

Sean Coetzee, Khwezi Financial Services

DocFox is making our FICA process more efficient. FICA documents are being checked against third parties, clients are being screened on all relevant sanctions lists and risk assessments are being done according to our requirements – all in one step! It’s a great tool to assist in aligning our Risk Management Compliance Programme with our business processes.

Carlos Martins, Change Financial Solutions

Incompass has been using DocFox since November 2017. We started looking at different providers as soon as the FICA Amendment Act came into place. Docfox was the best solution for us: The process is easy to handle from our side, involves a “4 eye” principle, which we already had in place and find necessary, and the process can be audited at any time.

Fiona Roehlandt, Incompass

DocFox allows us to apply a consistent approach to our investor AML risk assessments and with the built in reminders, we won’t forget to refresh our ratings and Customer Identification and Verification information. Everything is in one place, with a full audit trail, which enables us to easily demonstrate compliance.

Garth Foster, Prescient