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Staying Compliant and Avoiding Penalties

Discover how to ensure your business meets FICA compliance standards with our FREE webinar. Join DocFox experts as they unravel critical FAQs and strategies to protect your business from being non-compliant.

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Failing to meet your Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) obligations could cost you dearly!

As an Accountable Institution (AI), are you confident that your business is safe from abuse by perpetrators of financial crimes? Are you comfortable with the measures and controls that you have developed and implemented to detect, mitigate and prevent financial crimes being facilitated through your business, products and/or services or are you at risk of being found non-compliant with the regulatory requirements of FICA? Non-compliance could result in reputational risk, administrative sanctions as well as hefty fines from the FIC.

Join our FREE webinar to uncover the most critical FICA FAQs for AIs, providing you with the knowledge needed to navigate compliance confidently. During the webinar we will also discuss the requirements for submitting your Risk and Compliance Returns (RCRs) and share insights on what to expect from a FIC inspection.

This is your chance to get your burning questions answered directly by DocFox compliance experts, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge to safeguard your business.Whether you are new to FICA or looking to enhance your current compliance strategy, this session will provide the insights and guidance needed to avoid penalties and remain compliant with FICA regulations.

Topics to be discussed:

A certificate of attendance will be sent to delegates that attend for more than 45 minutes.

Seats are limited, register now to secure your spot and protect your business from the risks of non-compliance!

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Meet Our Expert Speakers
Marc Rooper
Senior Compliance Officer
DocFox Africa

Marc has a wealth of experience in legal as well as financial and regulatory compliance operations. He was previously a Candidate Attorney at Werksmans Attorneys before entering the Private Bank Transactional Monitoring space at Investec, giving him unique expertise into Anti-Money Laundering and Client Due Diligence. Marc’s role at DocFox involves providing hands-on FICA compliance expertise and certified training.

Murray Collier
Murray Collier
Business Development Executive
DocFox Africa

Murray is an experienced business development manager with a strong Financial Compliance, Regulatory Operations, and Banking Operations background. In his current role at DocFox, Murray assists Accountable Institutions in identifying the gap between FIC regulations and their existing practices. Through his expertise, he advises how customers can bridge this gap by implementing technology to streamline the process and ensure FICA compliance.

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