Being a team of engineers focussed on solving problems, we decided that the best way to tackle this challenge was to build our own FICA fin-tech solution. As a result, in 2014 DocFox was born.

We set out to create a solution that could assist financial institutions of all sizes to rapidly and efficiently manage their FICA requirements for all types of clients, from individuals to the most complex of businesses and to transform how financial institutions manage these compliance burdens.

FICA has always been considered a burdensome, complex and onerous task. DocFox set out to change this perception and to transform FICA from a speed bump to an enabler of new business by leveraging technology.

In 2016, DocFox attracted Silicon Valley investment from some of the most prominent individuals in financial services and technology which propelled the company on a path to where it is now. With clients across three continents DocFox is globally transforming how businesses perform KYC, helping them to onboard customers faster, be more compliant, and grow their business, all while on the pursuit to make money laundering impossible.