Our Story

After years of building custom software for the financial industry, we discovered the enormous challenge that FICA and AML presented to all the businesses we worked with. We decided that this was a problem worth solving, and so we set out to build a solution that could automate the compliance burden for all types of Accountable Institutions.
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What we’re about

DocFox was conceived in 2013, and incorporated in 2014. Our founding team of engineers had a vision of using Software-as-a-Service to transform FICA from a speed bump to an enabler of new business. In 2016 we attracted Silicon Valley investment from some of the most prominent individuals in FinTech which propelled the company on a path to where it is now.

With clients across three continents, DocFox is globally transforming how businesses manage AML/CFT risk, helping them to onboard customers faster, be compliant, and grow their business, all while on the pursuit to make money laundering impossible.

Our promise is to be the only FICA compliance experts you will ever need.

How We Like to Get Things Done

At DocFox, we dream big and are unreasonably ambitious, but we do so with humble confidence. We value helpfulness, transparency, and authenticity. We show up as ourselves, are always real, and have a lot of fun. We always give that little bit extra in the pursuit of personal and company growth. Our software is used by hundreds of businesses worldwide and we are growing fast.

Now that you know a bit more about us, feel free to reach out – we’d love to hear from you.