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FICA compliance
simply solved

DocFox is an end-to-end software and services solution that enables you to be FULLY FICA compliant.
Trusted by hundreds of law firms, banks, asset managers and other discerning businesses

What DocFox offers

DocFox is FICA Automated. Everything you need to be compliant is right here.

Laser focused on FICA

At DocFox we eat, sleep, and breathe FICA. Our software has been built around the latest Financial Intelligence Centre Act, and can be tailored for your specific industry. 

Our team of compliance experts can craft a bespoke Risk Management Compliance Programme (RMCP) for your business, provide accredited training, and assist with FIC inspections. 

100% of DocFox customers routinely pass their FIC inspections.

Delight your clients with fast onboarding

No more paper documents. With DocFox getting to Know Your Client (KYC) is seamless and automated.

Clients can take pictures of their documents with their phone and upload them directly into your custom branded online portal.

They can capture any information you need directly into beautiful online forms, and be done with the entire onboarding & FICA process in minutes. Save hours in your day by no longer chasing documents.

Less hassle and more efficiency

Let DocFox take on the FICA admin burden so that you can spend more time focused on your business. 

We will automatically validate documents against third-party data, and perform Anti Money Laundering (AML) screening in real time.

With DocFox, verifying the documents and onboarding even the most complex individual or business entity is simple. Ensure full compliance by on-going screening

What makes us different?

SA DPEP & PIP list

The most comprehensive politically exposed persons database available in SA.

Unlimited Advice

Unlimited FICA compliance advice from our team of experts at a fixed cost.

Unlimited Training

Unlimited accredited FICA training for everybody in your company, regardless of size.

Unlimited Users

Across your entire business to ensure consistency and control of your KYC processes.

How DocFox works for you

Everything you need to remotely onboard and FICA your clients
Client Onboarding

DocFox makes the collection and analysis of customer information & documents a breeze, saving you hours of valuable time, and eliminating human error.

Watchlist & Media Screening

Screens your clients daily against sanction and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) watchlists, and comb through billions of online news articles for adverse media.

Risk Rating & Automated Client Review

Our Automated Client Review solution is a fully-configurable, powerful tool which allows you to define, create and implement a risk rating solution.

Real-time Bank Account Verification

Verifying whether the bank account details provided by your client are correct, valid and belong to the account holder in question.

Expert FICA Compliance Advice & Services

Chat to our Compliance Services team for advice & guidance on all FICA & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) related questions

CPD Approved FICA Training

Training on topics including money laundering, terrorist financing, suspicious behaviour, the consequence of non-compliance and so much more.

What our customers say about DocFox

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"DocFox is a one system solution that meets all our needs when verifying clients and has become even a greater asset with the advent of the new FICA amendment act."
Alexia Pretorius
Legal and Compliance Manager, Hollard
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"DocFox is the only service provider that could really meet our needs"
Nerina Dallicani
Money Laundering Control Officer, Excellerate
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"DocFox is not a nice to have, it's a must have"
JP louw
Client Services Manager, Alphawealth
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"DocFox genuinely wanted to understand the requirements of the business rather than just forcing a product on us"
Justin Pearse
Special Projects Division, Purple Group Ltd
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"DocFox has made it far easier for us to handle the complexities of compliance"
Sean Coetzee
Senior MD & Key Individual, Khwezi Financial Services
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"We feel like we are in a much stronger position than what we were prior to DocFox"
Natalie Fauciglietti
Project Manager, Prescient Fund Services
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"The whole onboarding process is much easier now because it's streamlined and there is no room for doubts or questions anymore"
Fiona Rohlandt
Director, Incompass
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"DocFox is very user friendly and we love working on it"
Sasha Thomas
KYC Officer, Excellerate
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DocFox works for your industry

DocFox can be configured according to your industry.

DocFox for Law Firms

Our end-to-end FICA compliance solution and compliance services ensures that your firm’s Know Your Customer (KYC) processes are implemented right the first time, and every time after that. Making DocFox the only FICA compliance partner you will ever need.

Reduce your admin burden & save hours in your day by using DocFox to:

DocFox for Real Estate & Property Management

We understand that there are multiple compliance burdens that can keep you from focusing on property transfers, sales or rentals.

Reduce your admin burden & save hours in your day by using DocFox to:

DocFox for Stock Brokers

Lower the cost of onboarding new customers by automating your FICA compliance processes. Apply a risk-based approach to reduce time spent on low-risk customers, while identifying high risk customers that could be bad actors.

We have partnered with many stock brokers to simplify and automate their FICA compliance processes.

DocFox for Forex Traders

As a partner to many Forex trading businesses we understand that there are multiple compliance and regulation burdens that can keep you from focusing on your core duties. Free up your time by using DocFox to automate your FICA processes.

AML and KYC compliance doesn’t need to be inconvenient and time consuming.

DocFox for Financial Advisors

As a financial institution that deals with a lot of complexity, truly knowing your client can be an intensive task. DocFox was built to simplify and automate this process for businesses just like yours.

We simplify and automate their FICA compliance processes.

DocFox for Credit and Lending

Whether it’s to verify a clients bank details or speed up document collection, DocFox serves to simplify and ease the burden of FICA compliance for credit and loan providers

Be Fully FICA compliant

DocFox for Motor Dealerships

Don’t let compliance burdens keep you from sales.

DocFox ensures that your Know your Client (KYC) process is hassle free and automated.

DocFox can assist you in being FULLY FICA compliant without slowing you down

DocFox for Accountable Institutions

DocFox was created to simply solve FICA compliance for all types of Accountable Institutions. We have the simplest solution and services to ensure you are always FULLY FICA compliant.

DocFox can assist you in being FULLY FICA compliant without slowing you down

Compliance Services

In addition to our gold standard DocFox software, we offer hands-on FICA compliance subscription services and certified, CPD approved FICA training.

Whether you need advice on how to deal with a high-risk client or how to interpret a clause in the FIC Act – we are ready to help.

7 Key FICA Requirements

Hear more about the 7 Key FICA Requirements that need to be met in order to be FULLY FICA compliant

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