Seamless Onboarding

Automated document collection & analysis for the digital age

Thrill your customers with a high-tech, paperless onboarding experience. We take care of the time-consuming process of document collection and analysis for you, freeing you up to make informed decisions. Leverage our scale to reduce your onboarding costs.

ongoing compliance

Ongoing Compliance

Daily watchlist monitoring & risk rating according to your rules

Ensure that your customers don’t become high-risk overnight. We screen your customers daily against Anti-Money Laundering (AML) watchlists, and comb through billions of news articles searching for adverse media. We also remind you when it is time to do KYC (Know Your Customer).

Process Enforcement

Eliminate human error & ensure consistent due diligence

DocFox can be configured to adhere to your Risk Management and Compliance Programme  (RMCP), however you have defined it. We help you identify gaps in your compliance process, and ensure that each customer goes through the same workflow.

Process enforcement
Audit Ready Explained

Always Ready for Audit

One click for a comprehensive & up-to-date KYC summary

Keep all your KYC documents in one place, and always know the status of any application. We track, log, and time-stamp every action performed through the KYC process, so that you are always audit ready at the touch of a button.

Sleep well at night

Have peace of mind knowing that at DocFox, we take compliance as seriously as you do. Never worry again about strangers that may be bad actors. Grow your business with faster customer onboarding.

Make your compliance team smile again.

What our customers say about us


"We feel like we are in a much stronger position than what we were prior to DocFox"

Natalie Fauciglietti, Project Manager

Natalie Fauciglietti

"DocFox is very user friendly and we love working on it"

Sasha Thomas, KYC Officer

Sasha Thomas

"DocFox genuinely wanted to understand the requirements of the business rather than just forcing a product on us"

Justin Pearse, Special Projects Division

Justin Pearse

"DocFox is a one system solution that meets all our needs when verifying clients and has become even a greater asset with the advent of the new FICA amendment act."

Alexia Pretorius, Legal and Compliance Manager

Alexia Pretorius

"DocFox is not a nice to have, it's a must have "

JP Louw, Client Service Manager

JP Louw

"DocFox is the only service provider that could really meet our needs"

Nerina Dallicani, Money Laundering Control Officer

Nerina Dallicani

"DocFox gives our clients less hassle and puts us at less risk"

Deon Van Zyl, Compliance Officer

Deon Van Zyl