FICA Automated

Onboard customers seamlessly, perform ongoing monitoring and risk management automatically, and be ready for an audit at the touch of a button.

Everything you need to be compliant is right here.

Trusted by law firms, banks, asset managers and other discerning financial institutions.

FICA Compliance Simply Solved

Seamless Customer Onboarding

Collect information and documents from your customers wherever they are.

DocFox compares data across documents, third party data sources, and profiles. We automatically reject documents back to your customer, or to you, for action. We can collect and analyse anything, on any document, from anywhere.

DocFox is equally good at onboarding individuals as it is the most complex of juristic entities.

Immediate and Ongoing Detection of Bad Actors

Identify ongoing threats by screening your clients daily against global sanction lists, watchlists and adverse media.

Identify prominent influential persons using the most comprehensive DPIP database in South Africa (we even have SA Royal Families and SOE Board Members).

Perform enhanced due diligence (EDD) such as deep-dives into client files, ownership structures, or related entities. You can further add to your due diligence by using our bank account verification module to verify that your clients South African banking details are correct and valid.

Always Ready for Audit

DocFox is a central repository for all your KYC documents, where every action is logged and time-stamped, so that you are always audit ready.

We can help you prepare for a FIC inspection or product provider review, respond to reports, or provide guidance on how to submit Suspicious Activity or Transaction Reports (SAR’s/STR’s).

We also keep you informed about regulatory changes with guidance around potential impacts to your business.

Compliance Experts on Call & FICA / AML Training

Chat to our Compliance Services team for advice & guidance on all FICA & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) related questions from inside the DocFox app.

We can build a tailored Risk Management & Compliance Programme (RMCP) for your business and advise you on your unique Risk-Based Approach (RBA).

Attend all the professional training you will ever need about money laundering, terrorist financing, suspicious behaviour, the consequence of non-compliance, and more.

Sleep well at night

Have peace of mind knowing that at DocFox, we take compliance seriously. Reduce your risk of working with fraudsters. Partner with the only FICA compliance experts you will ever need.

Make your compliance team smile again.

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